Weddings / Civil Partnership Conversions

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Weddings / Conversion of Civil Partnerships

We are all different; there is no ‘off the shelf’ ceremony that can suit everyone. 

You may want a simple wedding that includes very little other than required by law – or you may want a fully bespoke ceremony entwining your story with the ceremony and involving loved ones and symbolism.

Marriage is life changing; you are embarking on a journey that begins as you declare your love for one another before your family and friends. It is one of the most momentous occasions in your life.

As an Authorised Civil Celebrant* I can create your wedding ceremony wherever you want it (subject to the granting of approval), however you want it and I can help to identify and provide the resources you’d like in terms of readings, poems, music and any symbolism or cultural ritual you may like to include. I can also help to identify any inclusions you’d like which may be prohibited by law. 

I will spend time with you, establishing a connection and developing a sense of who you are, what is important to you as a couple and what kind of life you plan together. I’ll explore your thoughts and wishes about your wedding and begin to draft your wedding script. 

We’ll review and amend it together and you will agree the final draft prior to your wedding. 

I’ll visit your venue, attend your rehearsal and ensure that everything is just right for your ceremony on the day of your wedding. I will be ready to greet those involved in the ceremony and make certain that they are aware of their responsibilities and contributions to your marriage ceremony.

My job is to create a ceremony that flows naturally, engages all those present and celebrates your life together, while most importantly, making the whole process stress free and legally binding.

Your wedding day is about love, your love for each other and sharing your happiness with family and friends who love you too. Your ceremony is the heart of your wedding and it would be a privilege for me to solemnise your marriage.


* I am authorised by the Superintendent Registrar of Jersey to solemnise marriages.

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Optional Elements


A ceremony to remember

Adding optional elements to your ceremony can help to make it the marriage you've always dreamed of,  or enhance your ceremony in ways you haven't even thought of!



Jersey has some stunning beaches; maybe you have some special memories of our stunning coastline.

We can incorporate a shell element as part of your wedding; perfect for a beach or beachside wedding.

We can use pebbles instead of shells if you'd prefer.



Handfasting is an ancient Celtic tradition, which has become popular as an additional element in a legal wedding.  It is the origin of the phrase 'tying the knot'.